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Group Classes
 We use practical, everyday experiences to create personal empowerment and win-win-win dynamics. Our focus is harmony and balance. Frequently, one's sensitive or intuitive side is engaged.
Classes are available for all people and ages. Oftentimes, they are formed as needed, providing skills you can immediately implement. All questions are taken seriously. It is how we learn! 
We work together to create a solid foundation of insights tailored for each group. Generally classes are small intimate groups, although presentations to larger groups may be offered upon request.

Common topics are:
  • Empath: Experiencing someone or something else's experience  as your own (this can include physical and/or emotional senses)
  • Clairvoyance:  To see clearly, beyond one's physical vision
  • Clairaudience: Ability to hear beyond the physical sense, which may include other's thoughts, Higher realms, and Medium abilities
  • Clairsentience: Ability to sense or feel beyond one's physical self
  • Medium:  Ability to connect with those who passed on and/or Spiritual Advisers
  • Premonitions or Seer: Ability to tap into the future
  • Sensitive: A heightened level of sensitivity which include all of the above
  • Exploring which gifts or challenges are presented and HOW to effectively utilize the experience
  • Ways of Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  • Principles to create win-win-win situations of Personal Empowerment

 Specific classes include:

* Intuitive, Highly Sensitive, and Empath
    Being a Sensitive in a World of Wonder

* Healthy Boundaries - Being in Your Personal Power
   How to NOT take on Emotions, Energies, and Dysfunction

* Being an Empath and Loving It

* Medium and Expanded Realms - Experience the Reality
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