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Doris's Breast Cancer Story, "Surviving and Thriving - 
A Message of Blessings, Gratitude and Grace"
Doris is a remarkable woman who is facing her situation using both traditional and Holistic Innovational Therapies.  She typically receives a Power of Three (primarily energetic) session.  After our session, she walks away energized and pain-free for the full three weeks between her chemotherapy sessions; and she does not get sick after our time together.
Here's her story:
"My journey: surviving and thriving with the heavenly sent hands of Catherine and Melissa in our Double Team Power of 3 sessions. I am truly blessed in so many ways. My journey started when I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 5, 2011. Having doctors with positive attitudes and that deep feeling that God would bring me through, I willingly agreed to chemotherapy and all that would come with it. I knew that the journey ahead could be rocky and stormy at times but I was ready to go the distance. How grateful am I that so many angels were sent to help me along the way. Bless my dear sister … I am so thankful that she arranged and gifted me with the Double Team Power of 3 sessions with Catherine and Melissa. These sessions were powerful, therapeutic and spiritual. They gave me energy, calmness and the ability to receive and utilize good, positive energy, let go of any negative energy or depressing thoughts and concentrate on letting the chemo do its job and then let it flow out of my body. The one thing about chemotherapy treatments is the queasy, sick feeling that can sometimes arise even days after the treatment and the achy, painful (flu-like) symptoms that the routine booster shot can cause. Well, after my first chemo treatment and the booster shot the following day, my legs and arms were hurting something awful. This is when I went for my first treatment with Catherine and Melissa. After that session, the pain simply went away, almost miraculously and there was no sickness. After that session, I knew I would need these angels to help me make it through. By God’s grace, these ladies were brought into my life at the time when I needed them. I tell them that they are my earthly angels. They were instrumental in my being able to more easily survive the chemo and thrive in a way that I do not believe would have been possible without them. In addition to the therapy, they gave me spiritual love and friendship. I could elaborate on and on about how diligently Catherine and Melissa poured themselves into each session. How much they helped me. How skillful, artful and professional they are at their craft. My suggestion is that you try the Double Team Power of 3 session for yourself or one of the many other therapeutic sessions offered. I know that their skills will bless you as they have blessed me."  Doris
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