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Getting to know me
First of all, I am passionate about life! Learning, sharing and understanding the gifts brought forth are an integral part of joyful living.
If you happen to see me, I look a bit like everyone else ... sometimes a bit disheveled and sometimes not. I'm intrigued with expanded awareness, quantum physics, metaphysics, plus emotional and cellular research.

Science Indicates
We are Interconnected,
Expanding Beyond the Physical
Effecting Thoughts, Energy, and Emotions

In addition to the Sciences, trusting intuition is in its own league. For me, having one irrefutable experience after another and an inherent knowing something was Truth at the core of my Be-ing became points of validation. It is a continuous process which begins with doing the work on myself, thus the old adage, "Practice what you preach." One can read, reason, hypothesize and presume, but if you don't do the work on yourself, how far do you truly go?

I am often asked "What do you do?"  

I am a conduit and companion for healing and growth on a deeply personal level. I utilize intuition, technical abilities, and Guidance, along with a Fusion of various therapies, to create a bridge of understanding with practical applications. 

These techniques provide opportunities to go clearly and directly to the root of a situation, thereby creating core changes which ripple throughout one's life. It often occurs at an accelerated rate and can be done one-on-one or in a group setting.

The range of skills, techniques, and possibilities for healing and growth are quite expansive. I am continuously evolving and expanding upon my Gifts and abilities. The techniques are a FUSION of Guidance, knowledge, and skills tailored to the client or audience. Skills noted on the "Heightened Intuition" page are an integral part of who I am. As my Gifts expand, it allows me to be in a place of greater service.

Time and space are not defining factors. I offer distance work and have never met some of my clients in person. The furthest distant session were (1) in India, assisted in problem solving job relations and (2) a physical healing in Germany. Both of these occurred while I was physically in Missouri!

In this work I witness miracles. Being a companion when someone recovers from deep trauma to watching one soar to their excellence is a truly humbling, awe inspiring experience. I work with logic and practical applications for my clients, classes, and presentations. I enjoy bringing a bit of Lightheartedness and understanding for growth and change. Every session and class is unique, having the potential for unimaginable transformation!



Here are a few of my favorite resources: 

"HEAL Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, Change Your Life"

"You Can Heal Your Life: The MovieExpanded Edition

"What the Bleep Do We Know?"

"The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz

"The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto

Helpful items for clearing and enhancing personal spaces:

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Smudging with white sage and/or sweet grass

Stones and Crystals
I often use: citrine, kyanite, quartz, 
labradorite, calcite, and various earthy grounding stones
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