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A variety of therapies offer you opportunities of growth, healing, and fulfillment. Receive empowered, compassionate, resilient, healthy, and harmonious living. 

1.     FUSION® is a profound experience that can blast through old stuck spaces and moves you into heightened personal power on virtually every level of life. Excellent results occur in overcoming trauma and embodying healthier mindsets. Medical Intuitive, Medium, and Higher Conscious connections can be a transformational part of your session.

2.     BODYWORK incorporates a physical component of balance and well-being.

3.     The BLEND is a combination of FUSION® and Bodywork.

4.     POWER OF THREE includes another therapist with similar skills to amplify your session. The Power of Three can be incorporated into any of the above sessions.

5.     BREAK-THROUGH JOURNEY  is an accelerated continuous process that may range from a 1-3 month pocket of time. It breaks through old paradigm structures and provides new, foundational ways of living. It is a commitment for both of us to your personal growth and healing. People who choose this process often speak of its life-changing affects.

6.    SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, EVENTS, AND PRIVATE FUNCTIONS  offer great insight into a world that many people can only imagine.

My work embodies the following quote:

"I am not trying to lead you toward me ~ instead, I hope to lead you towards yourself. 

I hope to touch your life in such a way, that as I reach out to you and touch your Soul, your heart illuminates the world around you with the Light of your BEing." 

Author Unknown

When we are in session, I become the vessel of which the healing and information comes through. It is an honoring and humbling experience. 

 Training and Interests:  
* Intuitive Counselor, Life Coach, & Guided Transformational Journeys
* Speaker and Intuitive Reader ranging from private to large events
* Teacher in a wide spectrum of traditional and holistic practices
   including Energy and Intuitive Work, Massage Therapy, Reiki, and 
   T'ai Chi Chih ~ Joy Thru Movement®
* Nationally Certified & Missouri Licensed Massage Therapist
* Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management
* Animal Communicator
* Medium and Spiritual Conduit
* Interest and studies embodying the correlation between
   quantum physics and metaphysics (beyond the physical)

Personal sessions generally begin with FUSION®

See below for greater detail of each type of session:

This therapy infuses a wide spectrum of intuitive and technical abilities for positive outcomes. It overcomes obstacles and enhances strengths to live in excellence. Achieve a substantial improvement in your quality of life in as little as a one-hour session. The flow of a session are on the FUSION® page as well as additional insights on the "Heightened Intuition" page. Components may include a more specified goal of:

·      Intuitive Life Coaching with focused direction
·      Overcome past traumas
·      Conflict resolution techniques
·      Tools of personal empowerment
.      Assistance with diminishing or overcoming addictive patterns
·      Techniques to develop win-win-win opportunities
·      Clarity and peace of mind
·      Freedom and Abundance
.      Understand, manage, and enhance intuitive and empathic abilities
.      Animal communication
·      Medium: The bridge to speak with and sense those who passed
.      Higher conscious connections: Angels and Guides, and communication with those who may have an altered state of awareness (those with special needs, dementia, in a coma, or hospice)

Speaking as a past Massage therapy instructor, the benefits of being pain-free and in an optimal level of physical wellness can be extremely beneficial for one’s quality of life.  Techniques are used to create greater strength, balance, range of motion, comfort, and peace. This therapy is for women and include:
·      Deep tissue or Swedish work
·      Point therapies: trigger, acupressure, reflexology, etc.
·      Medical intuitive skills
·      Myofacial release
·      Energetic balancing
·      Aromatherapy

This is a combination of Bodywork and FUSION®. It offers synchronistic techniques with deep levels of awareness and healing on all levels. Before one receives this session, it is suggested to experience FUSION® to see how quickly and deeply you respond.

In this venue, we work with another therapist who has similar skill-sets, but with their unique personal expression. Clients state that having a session with three of us feels like 3 to 5 sessions in 1. Everyone’s experience is amplified.

Break-Through Journey components are similar to a FUSION® session, although it is phenomenally more extensive than a one hour or so pocket of time. A Break-Through Journey is an exchange that exponentially builds upon itself the entire duration of your journey. We co-create specific enriching, achievable, and oftentimes, profound goals with an effective ebb and flow exchange that can last from a 1 to 3 month period of time. If you are a Sensitive and choose to have discipline with developing these skills, this too can be a component of your goals. Details are on the Break-Through Journey page.

Enter into an interactive and dynamically engaging experience. From involving large audiences with Insights and Readings, to participating in Festivals, to Supporting Families and Loved Ones during a time of need, this opportunity can open your eyes with surprising outcomes. No two experiences are alike. My approach is sincere, engaging, authentic, Lighthearted, compassionate, and informative. Practical and tangible techniques are shared while creating a bridge of understanding. Expect to laugh, cry, and be amazed as you experience a whole new world.

This process offers intuitive guidance … Your future is in your hands!
Please be advised that psychic reading cannot predict, forecast, diagnose, or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Catherine Millman will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement.
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